Fosters' Home For Imaginary Friends
Cartoon Network Studios


Director: Craig McCracken
Created by Craig McCracken

Battle of Fosters Home
(2005 Annie award winner)

T-Rexatron Alienwolf 3
(2006 Annie award winner)

The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power
(2007 Annie nominee)

The Powerpuff Girls
Cartoon Network Studios

Created by Craig McCracken

The Girls Fight Mask Scara
Mojo Rides

Last Day of Summer (2007) Nickelodeon Films

*Additional Music

Director: Blair Treu Heading Our Way
Video Games
Rabbids Land (2012)

Audio Director: Isabelle Ballet

Board Game (Main Theme)
The Pirate's Precious Jewels
Tunnel de L'amour
Ghosts Suck
Lose Your Marbles

Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking (2011)

Audio Director: Isabelle Ballet

Salmon Rush Day
Big Brother
Carrot Juice

Raving Rabbids: Travel In Time (2010)

Director: Cédric Royer
Audio Director: Romain His

The Main Room
Apollo-Soyuz Sauce
Mount Rushmuck
Bunny Express
Christopher Corrompus

Mobile Games
Rabbids Appisodes: The Interactive TV Show (2015)

Audio Director: Isabelle Ballet Rabbids Appisodes - Main Titles
Rabbids Appisodes - The Town
Rabbids Big Bang (2013)

Audio Director: Romain His Rabbids Big Bang Main Titles/Gameplay
Commander Cluck (2012)
NyeToon/Rao Productions

Creator: Nye Warburton

Cluck Main Theme/Trailer
Cluck Menu

Armstrong (2017)
Dos Goats

Director: Nick Lund-Ulrich/Kerry Carlock

You're All Going to Be OK
Helicopter Chase
Night Drive

Scary Movie 4 (2006)
Dimension / Miramax /
Weinstein Co.

*Additional Music
Director: David Zucker

You May Never Leave

Happily N'Ever After (2006)
Berliner Film Companie

*Additional Music

Director: Paul Bolger

Munk and Mambo Mess Around

Socket (2007)
Dark Blue Films/Velvet Candy Entertainment

Director: Sean Abley

Bill's Decision

If We Took A Holiday (2014)

Director: Glenn Gaylord
Creators: Glenn Gaylord/Dennis Hensley

Touch My Groove

Madhouse (2009)

Director: Nye Warburton
Creators: Nye Warburton/Ryan Levin

Family Car Ride

21 Down (2007)
Moving In Pictures

Director: Nick Lund-Ulrich
Producer: Gary Cotti

21 Down

The Rubdown (2010)
Velvet Candy Entertainment

Director: Dennis Hensley

Powerpup Theme Song

Benny: Escaped Convict (2008)

Director: Nye Warburton
Creators: Nye Warburton/Ryan Levin

Benny Ballroom Chase

L.A. Bag Brothers (2009)

Creator: Rick Glenn

L.A. Bag Brothers Main Titles

a/v (2006)
Moving in Pictures


Director: Nick Lund-Ulrich
Producer: Gary Cotti

I Taped Everything

Production Music Available Upon Request. Examples Below.



Battle Ramp Up
Forest Fight (1 min version)
Winning The Game (NFL)
Inspirational Ideals(NFL)
Zero to 60 Cuteness


  Je L'ai Tuée (vocal)
Who's The Lucky One Now (vocal)
Sleep, Now
Your Friendly Neighborhood Badass


Cured Roses
American Truck
Boy Stone
Jason Ate Universe
Swamp Creature Hunt
We Can Be Free

Acoustic Rock


Acoustic Breakup
Happy Acoustics



Little Drummer Boy (vocal)
Deck the Halls
Up On The Housetop
Auld Lang Syne

Hip Hop


Out to L.A. (vocal)
Can't Get Worse



Frantic Decisions
Running Out of Time
The Debate Rages On



Sunny Sunday Jazz
Old Time Orleans Corner
Latin Ride
Spanish Dream